“Get seduced by this Southern belle”

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“a love letter to Cajun and Creole cookery”

Jay Rayner, The Guardian

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Plaquemine Lock is an English pub set on the Regents Canal in Angel, Islington. We serve Cajun and Creole food, cooked to a very high standard in a very relaxed atmosphere.

At the turn of the twentieth century Jacob Hortenstein came to Plaquemine to build a Lock, which was to enable heavy cargoes of Louisiana timber (from the Schwing Lumber & Shingle Corporation), moss (Schwing Moss co), and later sugar cane and oil, to transfer safely from the Bayou onto the mighty Mississipi. Carrie B Schwing opened Plaquemine Lock in 1909, swooshing a champagne bottle against the lockhouse as the family steamer (also called Carrie B Schwing) passed through the lock gates.

Carrie B Schwing & Jacob Hortenstein’s great-grandson (Jacob Kenedy) opened Plaquemine Lock in London on the Regents Canal. It is a pub serving great beer, strong cocktails and wine for those inclined.


Carbon Free dining at Plaquemine Lock!


We are proud to partner with the Green Earth Appeal to ensure our dining room is carbon free. You can find out more info on this vital cause here: Carbon Free dining @ Plaquemine Lock

Plaquemine Lock does has stopped serving beef or lamb, until such time as the climate situation is less urgently pressing.

In addition:

  • We have instigated a policy of climate control as much as possible with our heat pump, reduced air changes to a minimum, and moderated hot water temperature to remain comfortable and sanitary, but not excessive
  • We do not provide straws, except with Juleps or on request
  • We recycle all our recyclable waste, including cooking oil for biodiesel
  • We have built an all-induction kitchen, saving over 50% energy vs gas

We will now include a 99p voluntary donation on seated dining tables.

Art at Plaquemine Lock!

The two large murals (in the dining room and above the bar) are made by Jacob’s unbelievably talented and lovely mother, Haidee Becker.

The small paintings and pictures around the pub are various – some are gifts made to us, others were in the pub before we renovated it. A good number are by New Orleans folk artist Dr Bob Art.


Plaquemine Lock – pub serving Cajun & Creole food in canalside Angel N1

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You are welcome to take any pictures yourself in the pub or outside, so long as you’re not intrusive when you do so, and ask consent of anyone (staff or customer) who appears in the shot before taking it, explaining how it may be used.


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